Analyzers for metal production / foundries

High performance, reliable metals analysis is a fundamental procedure in the foundry or metals processing plant, and today’s metals analyzers deliver this performance within compact, cost-effective instruments.

It is essential that tramp, trace and treatment elements at extremely low limits are detected within the melt. Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES) is the established method for ferrous and non-ferrous melt analysis alike. Whereas other foundry analysis technologies, like non-destructive XRF and super-rapid LIBs have their place in materials verification and PMI testing of raw materials and finished goods.

Hitachi analyzers are designed to meet today’s challenges of high performance throughout the complete process of metal production. From the ground-breaking OE Series that delivers exceptional analysis performance for its price, to the PMI-MASTER Smart, the only truly portable OES instrument on the market today, all the instruments in the Hitachi portfolio focus on durability, usability and reliability of the results. Packaged in a rugged exterior that’s suitable for a demanding foundry or metals production environment, the range brings the very best in analysis technology to where it’s needed most. And highly intuitive software with the backing of a comprehensive service package ensures you always get the very best from your instrument and downtime is minimized.

Download the brochure

Download the brochure

Stationary OES

Our range of stationary OES analyzers offer the highest levels of accuracy and precision for quality control throughout the foundry process. Analyze all main alloying elements and identify exceptionally low levels of tramp, trace and treatment elements in metals, such as nitrogen in steel. Our instruments can also cover rare applications like oxygen in copper and oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen in titanium.

Mobile OES – MASTER Series

The PMI-MASTER Smart, the PMI-MASTER Pro2 and the TEST-MASTER Pro are giving you truly portable and mobile laboratory performance for complete metals analysis with the accuracy required for selecting scrap and for final specification when verifying low alloy steels or light elements.


Handheld XRF – X-MET8000 series

This handheld XRF analyzer offers quick, non-destructive analysis with accurate chemistry and grade identification. By combining high-performance detection technology within a rugged, lightweight instrument, the X-MET delivers accurate results in seconds, even within demanding 24/7 metals production environment. It’s especially useful for scrap sorting, analysis of circulation material and the verification of ferro and other alloys for melt correction.

Handheld LIBS – Vulcan+ series

One of the fastest handheld metals analyzers in the world, the Vulcan allows you to identify a wide range of alloys in one second. It’s great for aluminum foundries, due to its capability to analyze light elements like Be, Mg, Al and Si. For all foundries, it is ideal for sorting high volumes of scrap.

Thermal Analysis

We offer a range of thermal analysis instruments for the analysis of cast iron (melting temperature, composition studies, thermal expansion and more). Choose between DSC, STA (TGA/DTA/DSC), TMA & DMA.

Watch our OE750 demo for oxygen in copper analysis

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