Thermo Mechanical Analyzers (TMA): TMA7100 and TMA7300

TMA (Thermo Mechanical Analysis) measures change in sample dimensions as a function of time or temperature. It’s used for evaluating expansion or shrinkage of samples across a wide temperature range. TMA is used by design engineers as well as for quality assurance or outgoing inspection to ensure a customer’s product is precisely to specification.

Our TMA7000 Series helps you catch very fast modulus changes, understand unexpected behaviors such as sample damage or color change, and check the reliability of each data point – even after the measurement run is complete. Our innovative Real View® camera system provides real-time observation during measurement. The DMA7100 has an extremely large modules range making it ideal for very soft and stiff samples. 

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Product Highlights

High-sensitivity thermal analysis for all TMA appications

  • A wide measurement range of +/- 5mm, load range of +/-5.8N, choice of cooling systems and seven optional measurement probes allows for a huge range of applications.
  • The intuitive NEXTA TA software simple mode intuitive interface and easy sample loading makes the TMA7000 simple to use and increases throughput.
  • In addition to optional cooling systems and measurement probes, other features such as swelling measurements, vacuum measurements, volume expansion and curing measurement accessories are available.
  • Optimization technology reduces the level of noise of the output signal, ensuring you can pick up the tiniest of material changes, making the TMA7000 ideal for low-expansion materials and thin films.
  • The TMA7000 series offers precise temperature control over the entire temperature range and retains its high sensitivity capability at very low and very high temperatures.
  • An optimized furnace design with automatic temperature control helps to increase cooling efficiency, reducing liquid Nitrogen consumption by 30%, keeping running costs down. Air and electrical cooling are also available depending on your temperature requirement.
  • Our TMA instruments meet relevant standards including ISO, ASTM, DIN and JIS with ASTM E1269, ASTM E1641-16, ASTM E794-06, ASTM E793-06, ISO11357-4, ISO 11358-3, ISO 11357-3, ISO 11357-2 and ISO 22768 built into the software.

Data input and output software package

Automate the entry of measurement conditions with a barcode reader, mass upload of up to 5000  sample information data points like name, method file, lot number and export all your data including test results into CSV, Excel and text formats to make data management easier and more reliable.

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Sample Cylinder

Quartz, metal


Temperature Range

-170°C to 600°C  Ambient to 1,500°C 

TMA Measurement Range

±5 mm

TMA Sensitivity

0.01 µm

Load Range

±5.8 N

Scan Rate

0.01 to 100°C/min

Maximum Sample Size

Expansion penetration: Φ10×L25 mm;
Tension:W1×T5×L25 mm
Expansion: Φ 10 x L 25 mm

Sample Length Measurement

Automated Measurement

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