Why partner with Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science?

We help our customers become more successful and sustainable through connected materials analysis solutions that enable more efficient, automated, and greener production and development processes to ensure product quality, safety, and compliance. 

Materials analysis is essential, now more than ever, with critical challenges facing supply chains, unprecedented demand for raw materials and society’s transition to net-zero economy. Many of the industries we support are fundamental to society, creating the products that connect us, but production comes at a cost to the environment.

Under increasing pressure to produce more goods sustainably with less resource, quality control testing becomes critical. An efficient process helps to reduce product rejection rates and precious raw materials waste. Our solutions support 100% inspection goals as part of a quality control process to help reduce materials waste while keeping pace with production and driving increased yield. The data you collect, thanks to our LUMADA solutions, connects into your OT data to deliver insights quickly and speeds decision-making.

We’re a global Hitachi company offering a wide range of connected materials analysis products and services for use in the lab or in-field around the world. Our advanced, cutting-edge technologies help industry and institutions stay ahead of the curve to help design the industry of tomorrow.

We believe waste reduction, circular economy, and preservation of raw materials are key to a more sustainable, global industry.

Discover more about the companies who have partnered with us and why


"It’s so good in the last 3 years the instrument has paid for itself."

Köster und Co. GmbH,

"We chose the FM EXPERT to have a cost-effective solution to analyze nitrogen."

Paul Meijering Stainless Steel,

"We've chosen Hitachi products because of their extremely good price per performance ratio, they're very user-friendly, easy to use and maintain."


"We've been very happy with Hitachi equipment because they are robust, easy to use, easy to set up and calibrate, and they are reliable"