ExTOPE Connect

Boost your operational efficiency with state of the art data management

ExTOPE Connect is an advanced data management and storage service that allows you to store your results safely, share data instantly and access the data in real time from any computer.

Achieve greater efficiency in the field or production site when using Hitachi High-Tech’s Vulcan, X-MET, OE Series, FM EXPERT, FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart, PMI-MASTER Smart, PMI-MASTER Pro2 or LAB-X5000 analyzers.

ExTOPE Connect demo for handheld analyzers

ExTOPE Connect demo for OES analyzers

From your computer

  • Get real-time access to results
  • Chemistry, grade ID, camera images, spectra etc. are stored in one secure location
  • Manage a fleet of instruments from one centralised location
  • Create reports, including customised CSV reports, directly from the ExTOPE Connect cloud service
  • Unlimited free and safe data storage

From your phone*

  • Share the results instantly with text message, e-mail, WhatsApp
  • Upload results to ExTOPE Connect cloud service
  • Attach photos to measurement results
  • Print results, labels etc. with network printer
  • Include GPS location coordinates to data sent over to ExTOPE Connect cloud account.

*Not available for OE750, FM EXPERT, FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart, PMI-MASTER Smart, PMI-MASTER Pro2 or LAB-X5000

This service is currently available in English only

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