XRF analyzers for mining, minerals and cement

XRF (X-ray fluorescence) analyzers have made it possible to get immediate results for a range of mining, minerals and cement applications.

To ensure projects viability, process efficiency and product quality, it’s critical to determine the composition of metal ores and minerals during mining exploration, material extraction and processing stages. XRF is a widely used technique that enables operators to decide where to extract material, verify its composition throughout the process, grade it and ensure final product meets specifications. XRF analyzers deliver accurate lab-quality analysis fast, maximizing productivity and throughput.

Do you need field portability?
Will the analyzer be used outdoors?
Do you want to measure sodium?
Do you want to load multiple samples into an autosampler?

Hitachi offers both benchtop and handheld analyzers based on XRF technology, with lab-quality results immediately on-site with virtually no sample preparation. Simple to use and durable enough to withstand the harsh environments encountered in mining exploration, minerals extraction and cement manufacturing facilities, these instruments will determine the presence of rare earth elements and key oxides from raw material to final product. They are shipped with software modules developed for today’s mining, mineral and cement applications that make interpreting results easy, and automatic export of results to the cloud reduces the need for paper trails in the field or at the production line.

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X-MET8000 Expert Geo brochure for mining


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Hitachi High-Tech analyzers for mining, minerals and cement

The X-MET8000 Geo portable XRF for in-the-field geochemical analysis and mining exploration

The X-MET is a lightweight, handheld XRF analyzer for geochemical analysis that dramatically reduces the need for laboratory analysis and their associated costs. With simple point and shoot operation, the X-MET8000 Geo will measure up to 40 elements (Mg to U), including REEs and hazardous elements. It can handle a wide range of sample types, including rocks, cores, cuttings and powders. With up to 12 hours of use on a single battery charge, simply take the X-MET with you to test stockpiles, feeds and tailings.

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The LAB-X5000 and X-Supreme8000 benchtop XRF analyzers for rapid minerals and cement analysis

Designed for busy facilities where production never stops, the LAB-X and X-Supreme bring reliability, durability and accuracy to your in-house quality and process control. They measure the amount of all key oxides in a wide variety of minerals and mixes. With built-in safety features and low running costs, they will support your production 24/7. While the LAB-X5000 is designed for single sample analysis, the X-Supreme8000 has a 10-position autosampler, offering additional versatility and increases testing throughput.

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