Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer DMA7100

The Hitachi DMA (dynamic mechanical analyzer) is used for mechanical characterization in applied research, R&D in plastics, rubber and film materials. To solve this problem, the DMA7100's easy to use, and easy to evaluate DMA system, brings more reliability to DMA data while making dynamic mechanical analysis as easy as DSC.

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Features and Benefits


  • Deformation Mode: Tension, Bending, Shear, Film Shear, Compression, 3-Point Bending
  • Frequency: Sine Wave Oscillation ... 0.01 to 200Hz
  • Measurement Range: 105 to 1012Pa(Tension), 105 to 1012Pa(Dual-Cantilever Bending), 103 to 109Pa(Shear),104 to 1010Pa(Film Shear), 105 to 109Pa(Compression),106.5 to 1013.5Pa(3-Point Bending)
  • Program Temp Range: -150 to 600°C
  • Heating Rate: 0.01 to 20°C/min
  • Output Values: Temperature, Frequency, Time, E’(G’), E”(G”),│ E*│(│G*│), tanδ, η, J’, J”, Ft, dL, Stress, Strain
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*Deformation modes "Bending", "Shear", "Film Shear", "Compression" and "3-Point Bending" are optional.