Analyzers for scrap metal recycling

Sorting alloys quickly and analyzing chemical composition of scrap metal will maximize your profits.

With our wide range of scrap metal analyzers, it’s never been easier to quickly and accurately sort your scrap ready for re-processing. Our analyzers help with on-the-spot alloy grade identification, elemental composition including trace and tramp elements, and contaminant or hazardous elements screening to help you meet your regulatory obligations and maximize your throughput.

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Our range of metals analyzers are ideal for scrap metal operations. Built for the real-world and enabled with the technology to support your future business. They are robust, durable, easy to use and connected, giving you results you can trust and putting real-time decision making at your fingertips. Backed by a comprehensive service plan and pre-installed grade libraries for all kinds of alloys, these instruments help you make the most of your scrap.

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Watch Tim Fulton, Owner of TNT Scrap in New York and James Sutton, Non-ferrous Manager, talk about why they invested in the Vulcan handheld laser analyzer from Hitachi:


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Romuta - Finland

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Hitachi High-Tech analyzers for scrap and recycling

The Vulcan+ handheld LIBS analyzer for rapid sorting with no X-rays

The Vulcan+ handheld LIBS analyzer for rapid sorting with no X-rays

The Vulcan allows you to identify a wide range of alloys including stainless steels, low alloy steels, nickel and aluminum alloys (and more) laser fast. It’s great for light elements like Be, Mg, Al Si and Li, and will make quick work of your scrap sorting tasks.

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The X-MET8000 handheld XRF analyzer for alloy identification and chemistry

The X-MET8000 handheld XRF analyzer for alloy identification and chemistry

The go-to tool for the on-site analysis of light elements (Mg to S) and testing most commercial alloys including aluminum alloys, silicon and bronzes. The non-destructive X-MET8000 can handle even the most demanding scrap sorting applications in seconds – including the detection of hazardous elements.

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The PMI-MASTER Smart portable optical emission spectrometer

The PMI-MASTER Smart gives you complete metals analysis when you need to reliably analyze steels and other alloying materials like aluminum, nickel and copper, especially when sorting scrap for foundry feedstock.

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The PMI-MASTER Pro2 mobile optical emission spectrometer

Easy on-site operation for remote locations is possible thanks to the PMI-MASTER Pro2’s powerful battery, delivering 750 measurements for 8 hours of operation. This analyzer gives you the ultimate mobile metals analysis that’s invaluable for accurate sorting of scrap ready for recycling.

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The FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart compact stationary optical emissions spectrometer

FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart is a reliable entry level spectrometer for precise detection of all relevant elements in iron within an extremely compact design. It brings high performance on a limited budget, making it a cost-effective solution for scrapyards and recycling centers.

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The OE750 high performance benchtop optical emission spectrometer

The new OE750 stationary OES analyzer delivers high performance metals analysis. Go beyond grade information and verify tramp and trace elements content for fast and accurate scrap sorting. Test large quantities of material for the tiniest amount of trace and tramp elements.

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Q&A with our Matt Barns about XRF, LIBS and OES analyzers

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