Analyzers for hazardous substances

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Our range of analyzers for hazardous substance detection are designed to meet current directives, such as RoHS, ELV, EN71 and halogen-free, and have the flexibility to adapt to new directives as legislation evolves. Reliable results, coupled with ease of use and durability, ensure that these analyzers integrate easily into your busy production environment. When you need to comply with stringent health and safety guidelines and meet your delivery deadlines, a Hitachi analyzer lets you get your testing done fast and with confidence.

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Compare Benchtop Analyzers for Hazardous Substance Screening

Hitachi analyzers for RoHS are easy to use, deliver results fast and give you results you can

  • Detector: Si semiconductor detector (No liquid nitrogen required)
  • Measurement time* Cd, Pb, Hg, Br, Cr in plastics: Less than 70 sec
  • Measurement time* Cd, Pb, Hg, Cr in high concentration BrSb plastics : Less than 230 sec
  • Element range: Al (13) to U (92)
  • Sample state: Solid / Powder / Liquid
  • Measurement area: 1 mmφ、3 mmφ、5 mmφ(Electric switching)
  • Sample chamber: W370 x D320 x H120 mm
  • Filter: 5 positions
  • Sample observation: CCD camera full color
  • Operation: Laptop of desktop PC
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  • Detector: SDD (No liquid nitrogen required)
  • Element range: Al (11) to U (92)
  • Sample state: Solid / Powder / Liquid
  • Measurement area: 1 mmφ、3 mmφ、5 mmφ(automatic switching)
  • Sample chamber: W304 x D304 x H110 mm
  • Filter: 4 types, 5 modes, automatic switching
  • Sample observation: CCD camera full color
  • Operation: Laptop of desktop PC
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  • High resolution SDD
  • Element range : Mg - U (Na - U when using helium purge)
  • Chamber design : closed
  • XY stage options : motorized
  • Largest sample : 270 x 220 x 150 mm
  • Maximum number of collimators : 4
  • Filters : 6 mode automatic switching
  • Smallest collimator : 0.2mm
  • X-ray Station & Mapping Station software
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  • Thermal Desorption mass spectrometer
  • Fast screening of phthalate esters controlled under RoHS
  • Qualitative PDBE analysis
  • Sample weight: 0.16mg - 0.24mg
  • Qualitative and quantitative measurements
  • Operation: Windows PC
  • Benchtop instrument
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X-MET8000 Expert CG: Rapid and reliable regulatory compliance screening

In addition to our benchtop analyzers, the handheld X-MET8000 Expert CG XRF analyzer provides fast and non-destructive screening of incoming materials right through to finished products. It helps you to comply with many regulatory directives, including RoHS, CPSIA, ELV and EN71-3.

The X-MET8000 Expert CG offers:

  • Portable and lightweight with 10-12 hour battery life
  • Customizable screen that enables to define and modify element limits/action levels to remain in line with current legislation
  • Comprehensive range of accessories
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Analyzers built for real-world production

✔ Updated calibrations as new RoHS directives arise

✔ Multiple sample chamber and stage configurations for easy access to accommodate samples of various shapes and sizes.

✔ Programmable automation to free up operators’ time and reduce errors.

✔ Data handling including exports that can be integrated into a quality management system or customer reports.

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