Service agreements: how we keep you running after your instrument purchase

When you purchase analytical equipment from us, it’s just the beginning of a long-term relationship. Through our service agreements, we work hard to keep you running by ensuring your Hitachi analyzer experiences minimal downtime and is always ready to deliver reliable results round the clock.

Our service support plans are tailored to suit your needs and you can change the level of support you need after purchase, whether you’re just learning to use your new instrument or are working with an analyzer that you’ve had for several years. The service program contracts we offer are as individual as our customers, but here’s an idea of what you can expect:

  • Global expertise, rapid local support. We’re a global enterprise, but our sales and service teams are local. We have a network of over 150 service centers. This means that when you need help, or are due for a scheduled service visit, you’ll be speaking to people in your local area, and the engineers you meet to carry out your calibrations may well be the ones who installed your instrument in the first place.

  • Only pay for what you need. The idea of a service agreement is that it helps you manage costs and downtime associated with your materials analyzer by ensuring that it’s always working properly and calibrated at the right intervals. The level of support you need depends on how intensively you use the instrument and the application. If you don’t need a certain service, then we won’t include it. We aim to offer value in our support, so you only pay for what you need.

  • Change the agreement at any point. We hope that your Hitachi analyzer will be the workhorse of your analysis for many years. In that time, it’s likely that you will take on new applications or new legislation may demand that you increase the level of testing you do. That’s why you aren’t tied to the service agreement we designed when you first purchased your instrument. If you need additional support, then you can add this whenever you like.


What type of service support plans are available?

Once you’ve purchased your instrument, we’ll work with you to create a support package to meet your needs. The great thing about this is that you end up with a package that contains exactly what you need – no more or less. This highly tailored approach means you you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. So, as an illustration, here’s the kind of thing that can be included in your agreement:

  • Immediate response to problems and questions about the operation of the instrument. You can call us about anything related to your instrument that’s preventing you from getting on with your analysis. This could be ‘how do I analyze something outside the calibration range’ to ‘my instrument is giving odd results and needs repairing’.

If, after speaking to one of our experts, your instrument does need attention, we’ll send someone to you or arrange to have the analyzer shipped to the local service center. It may be possible to provide you with a replacement to keep you running while we’re carrying out any work.

  • Annual calibration check and essential maintenance to ensure reliable results year on year. Like repairs, this can be carried out on site or at one of our local service centers. 

  • Regular delivery of consumables such as sample cups to ensure you don’t run out and always use Hitachi approved parts. Of course, if consumables aren’t covered by your service agreement, you can order from us on an ad-hoc basis, and we’ll ship the products to you as soon as possible. 

On top of this, we provide flexible warranties and training programs to ensure you get the most out of your new Hitachi analyzer, both now and in the year of use ahead.

How to set up a service agreement

If you’d like to discuss a new service agreement for your Hitachi instrument or any amends to your existing contract, call your local office or fill in this form on our website to start the process.

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Date: 12 January 2023

Author: Kelly Marchand, Global Service Product and Marketing Manager

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