Microspot XRF analysers | MAXXI and X-Strata ranges

Microspot XRF coating thickness and materials analysers for rapid quality control and validation testing, making it easy to get the right results in seconds.

Coating thickness and materials analysis based on X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is a widely accepted and industry-proven analytical technique, offering easy-to-use, fast and non-destructive analysis, requiring little to no sample preparation, capable of analysing solids or liquids over a wide element range from 13Al to 92U on the periodic table.

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PCB / PWB finishing

The ability to control finishing processes determines the pitch, reliability and shelf life of boards.  Measure electroless nickel (EN, NiP) plating thickness and composition according to IPC 4556 and IPC 4552. Hitachi High-Tech products enable you to maintain your operations in tight tolerance to ensure high quality and avoid costly re-work.

Electric and electronic component plating

Components must be plated within specification in order to provide the desired electrical, mechanical and environmental properties. Measure small features or continuous strips using the slotted chamber of the X-Strata and MAXXI series products to control top, intermediate and strike layers for lead frames (leadframes), connector pins, wire and terminations.

IC substrate packages

Semiconductors are becoming increasingly miniaturized and complex, requiring analytical equipment to measure thin films in small areas. Hitachi High-Tech analysers are designed to provide high precision analysis and reproducible sample positioning for demanding applications.

Electronic manufacturing services (EMS, ECS)

Combining sourced and locally manufactured components to build a final assembly or product involves many test points, from incoming inspection to at-line process control to final quality control. Oxford Instruments microspot XRF products allow you analyze components, solder and finishes throughout the facility, ensuring quality at every step.


The demand for renewable energy continues to increase, with photovoltaics playing an important role in harnessing the power of the sun. The ability to collecting this energy efficiently is in part determined by the quality of the thin film solar cells. Ensure these cells are plated accurately and consistently with microspot XRF to achieve maximum efficiency.

Restricted materials and high reliability screening

Working with a complex, global supply chain it is critical to trust and verify materials received from suppliers. Use Oxford Instruments XRF technology to validate incoming shipments comply with regulations such as RoHS and ELV following IEC 62321 methodology, and ensure high reliability coatings are applied for aerospace and military applications.


X-Strata 920
Proportional counter

High resolution SDD

ENIG ★★☆ ★★★
ENEPIG ★★☆ ★★★
Electroless nickel thickness and composition (IPC 4556, IPC 4552) N/A ★★★
Electroless nickel thickness ★★☆ ★★★
Immersion Ag ★★☆ ★★★
Immersion Sn ★★☆ ★★★
HASL ★★☆ ★★★
Pb-free solder (eg. SAC) ★☆☆ ★★★
CIGS N/A ★★★
CdTe N/A ★★★
Thin film analysis at nm-scale N/A ★★★
Multi-layer analysis ★★☆ ★★★
IEC 62321 RoHS screening N/A ★★★

Corrosion resistance

Verify the thickness and chemistry of the applied coatings to ensure product functionality and life-span in harsh environments. Handle small fasteners or large assemblies with ease.

Wear resistance

Prevent product failure by ensuring coating thickness and uniformity of critical components operating in abrasive environments. Complex shapes, thin or thick coatings and finished goods can all be measured.

Decorative finish

When the goal is to achieve a flawless finish, quality control throughout the production process is critical. With Oxford Instruments’ range of test equipment, you can reliably inspect base materials, test intermediate and top layers.

High-temperature resistance

Surface treatments for parts operating in the most extreme conditions must be controlled within tight tolerances. Ensure coatings specifications are met to prevent product recalls and potentially catastrophic failures.


X-Strata 920
Proportional counter

High resolution SDD

Zn / Fe, Fe alloys
Cr / Fe, Fe alloys
Ni / Fe, Fe alloys
★★☆ ★★★
ZnNi / Fe, Fe alloys
ZnSn / Fe, Fe alloys
★★☆ ★★★
NiP / Fe
NiP / Cu
NiP / Al
(Thickness only)
(Thickness and composition)
Ag / Cu
Sn / Cu 
★★☆ ★★★
Cr / Ni / Cu / ABS ★★☆ ★★★
Au / Pd / Ni /CuZn ★★☆ ★★★
WC / Fe, Fe alloys
TiN / Fe, Fe alloys
★★☆ ★★★
Thin film analysis at nm-scale N/A ★★★
Multi-layer analysis ★★☆ ★★★
IEC 62321 RoHS screening N/A ★★★

Product Comparison

With superior resolution and high efficiency SDD, the MAXXI 6 is the ideal instrument for measuring the thinnest coatings and trace-level element composition. Featuring up to 6 primary filters and 8 collimators, the MAXXI 6 can tackle the most challenging applications. The giant slotted chamber design is ideal for small, large or long samples. The optimized hardware configuration allows direct analysis of %P in electroless nickel applications.

The X-Strata920 can be configured with three different stages to handle a variety of sample shapes and sizes. The standard base allows for rapid sample positioning of small or thin parts. The mini-well base has a movable tray that quickly configures to fit small and large parts (up to 6”). The motorized X-Y stage allows for automated analysis of multiple samples or multiple locations on a single sample.

X-Strata 920
  • Proportional counter system
  • Element range : Ti - U
  • Chamber design : Slotted
  • XY stage options : Fixed base, deep well, motorized
  • Largest sample : 270 x 500 x 150 mm
  • Maximum number of collimators : 6
  • Filters : 3
  • Smallest collimator : 0.01 x 0.25 mm (0.5 x10 mil)
  • SmartLink software
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  • High resolution SDD
  • Element range : Al – U
  • Chamber design : Slotted
  • XY stage options : Fixed base, motorized
  • Largest sample : 500 x 450 x 170 mm
  • Maximum number of collimators : 8
  • Filters : 5
  • Smallest collimator : 0.05 x 0.05 mm (2 x 2 mil)
  • SmartLink software
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