Rental Equipment

Avoid any downtime with high quality rental equipment

Our goal is always for you to be operating effectively and getting the most value possible from our instruments. This means helping you to work even if your instrument isn’t.


When your instrument needs some work, our high-quality rental equipment is the perfect solution to cover you while repairs take place.

We work with you to make the rental process as simple as possible. While your instrument is being out of action, you will get a like-for-like replacement that is clean, properly configured and ready to go.


Our high-quality rental equipment means that you don’t have to slow down while your instrument is being repaired.

We build our instruments to be tougher and more reliable than any others on the market, but breakdowns will happen in demanding industrial environments. So, we make sure you get exactly the same level of performance and reliability from our rental equipment.

At Hitachi High-Tech, our experts will always work to provide our clients with an effective solution for the challenges they face.