Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in hardware and software

Hardware and software upgrades 

We are always working to update our instruments and give our customers access to the latest advances in technology.

Wherever you are, whatever you need, our team offers a fast and comprehensive service to keep you performing at the highest level.


Our hardware and software updates allow you to get the most value from our instruments over the long term, and to continue to work as efficiently and productively as possible.

Our dedicated customer service team works with our clients to identify ways they can improve their operations. If an upgrade is the best option, we make sure that you get the latest technology fast with no disruption.


Our instruments are long-term investments designed to add value to your operations for years. Our ongoing support allows you to maintain your competitive edge.

As always, our expert team is on hand to give you complete training on how to use new technology to get the best results for your business.