Case Study: Jansen, FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro2 in recycling

As the fastest growing metal recycling company in the Netherlands, Jansen Recycling sorts around 1,500 tonnes of nonferrous and 12,000 tonnes of ferrous and steel in an average week. Guaranteeing the quality of the different materials used during these operations is a hugely important part of this process. The company also needs to comply with a broad range of national and international environmental, labour, safety, radioactivity and transportation regulations.

With precise metal analysis critical to its ongoing success, Jansen Recycling needs analysers that can consistently provide the best results, even in fast-paced, high volume environments. Although the company had been using OES for decades, it could no longer rely on their outdated 20 year old Photomultiplier Tubes (PMT) detector based system any longer.

The company needed an upgrade that could not only guarantee the same level of high quality they have relied on, but could also add value and help improve efficiency to their operations.

This is where the Hitachi High-Tech OES FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro2 comes in.

The FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro2 is designed to add value and efficiency to high volume metal melting and recycling operations. As well as being fast and reliable, cutting edge software solutions allow you to work more effectively.

Read the full case study here.

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Date: 6 June 2019

Author: Wilhelm Sanders, Product Manager OES

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