Global Recycling Day: Meet our recycling heroes

“Recycling Heroes” is the theme of the Global Recycling Day today, so we wanted to celebrate our heroes; our customers and the products that make a big difference to their scrap sorting efforts as ‘waste’ is turned back into a valuable resource.

For example, we’re seeing the increased use of scrap metal as a raw material in foundries. It has several environmental benefits, including scrap re-melting consuming less energy than using raw materials, which, ultimately reduces greenhouse gas CO2 emissions.

However, as today is about our recycling heroes, here’s our list:

1. TNT Scrap – USA

As a busy ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal processing facility, TNT Scrap in Brooklyn, New York sorts high volumes of stainless steel daily. With such a high turnover, their analysis process must be optimised to run quickly and accurately to increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

TNT Scrap chose the Vulcan handheld LIBS gun as it provides immediate readings when processing scrap metal to increase productivity. The Vulcan helps with several processes within the scrapyard daily, from the purchasing and sorting of materials to how they sell it, lightening the load on their workers. The durability of the Vulcan is perfect for the scrapyard environment, having been accidentally dropped multiple times, it still works as well as it did on the day that they bought it.

Watch Tim Fulton, Owner of TNT Scrap, talk about why they invested in the Vulcan handheld laser analyzer from Hitachi:


2. MD Metal Trading – Thailand

MD Metal Trading wanted to create a culture of collaboration and trust with its suppliers when it comes to metal grades, and also improve its bottom line. Thanks to the purchase the handheld X-MET8000 Expert analyzer, MD Metal Trading team’s price negotiations with suppliers and the addition of new metal types to its existing metal categories has become easier.

Read Natthapat Terasarun, Marketing Manager at MD Metal Trading, discuss how discovering the value of scrap with the X-MET8000 means more profit for them.

Download the case study.

3. Romuta – Finland

As a start-up scrap yard, Romuta wanted to build an advanced, digitalised scrap yard of the future. Vulcan helps Romuta to ensure maximum operational efficiency for metal sorting. As a laser analyzer, there’s no requirement for X-ray license or training classes. For Romuta, which has a small team, it would have been costly to send staff out to training days.

Data management is also important to Romuta, logging both results and pictures. Vulcan’s data management features provide Romuta with the necessary tools for the future.

Read Romuta’s Managing Director, Jyrki Mutanen’s thoughts about future proofing a scrap yard with a Vulcan.

Download case study

4. Jansen Recycling – The Netherlands

Jansen Recycling was founded in 1930 and over three generations has built up over 80 years of experience in the scrap and metal industry. While handheld XRF analyzers are a standard analytical tool for recyclers to separate and sort metals, OES is increasingly important for companies in the melting sector and global aluminium and copper producers that require high quality grade specific separated recycled materials.

For a company like Jansen, OES offers reliable, accurate and precise analytical elemental analysis at the lowest detection limits. Working alongside two handheld X-MET8000 analyzers, the company’s FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro2 stationary OES analyzer is a crucial part of maintaining a high-volume throughput while ensuring quality never has to be sacrificed for speed.

Read why the team chose to invest in a FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro2.

Read full case study

Meet the tools that help these companies be heroes and know the value of their scrap metal:


One of the fastest handheld LIBS alloy analyzers in the world.  Vulcan identifies a wide range of alloys including stainless steels, low alloy steels, nickel and aluminium alloys in a single second.


Great when you need accurate alloy identification and chemistry for light elements (Mg to S) and most commercial alloys, even in the most demanding applications.


Our range of mobile and stationary OES spectrometres accurately analyze elements at the lowest limits of detection, such as phosphorous, sulphur, boron and carbon

Find out more about our range of analyzers for scrap metal sorting


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Date: 18 March 2020

Author: Laura Phimister - Global Marketing Communications Manager

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