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High-performance metals analysis made affordable

The OE750 and the NEW OE720 are ground-breaking OES metals analyzers. They cover the complete spectrum of elements in metal* with low detection limits and state-of-the-art multi-CMOS technology.

Tightening of industry regulations, complex supply chains and increased use of scrap as a base material means it’s crucial for foundries and metals manufacturers to control main, residual, tramp and trace elements in the lowest ppm range. Historically, OES analysis at this level was out of reach for many businesses. That’s now changed with the OE series.

These spark spectrometers allow you to analyze all main alloying elements and identify exceptionally low levels of tramp, trace and treatment elements in metals, such as nitrogen in steel. The OE750 also covers rare applications like oxygen in copper and oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen in titanium.

Fast measurement times, high reliability and low operating costs mean the OE series is invaluable for everyday analysis and total quality control, with performance on a par with larger and more expensive spectrometers.

*Depending on the application, for further details request our application reports.

OE Series

OE Series Features

OE750 demo for oxygen in copper analysis

Highlights and Applications

For fast, comprehensive metals quality analysis in a single affordable instrument, the OE750 delivers everything you need.

Covers all elements for complete metals analysis with low detection limits

High optical resolution to control tramp and trace elements

Excellent long-term stability, precision and accuracy.

OE750: analysis of gases (H and O in Ti, O in Cu)

Affordable to buy and run, with performance on a par with more expensive analyzers

Comprehensive metals database included, for fast and easy grade identification.

Optional SPC and charge correction software for optimal process control

Connectivity with cloud-based data management

Tired of wasting your time searching for grades manually?

Our OES analyzers come with the world’s largest metal database already installed. With more than 15 million records for over 350,000 materials from 74 countries, you’ll have easy access to the information you need with no time-consuming research in norms and grade catalogues.

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