EA8000A: X-ray Particle Contaminant Analyzer for Lithium-ion Battery Production

The EA8000 X-ray analyzer for fast and efficient quality control in lithium-ion battery production.

Combining X-ray transmission imaging with X-ray fluorescence analysis in a single instrument, the EA8000 rapidly detects and identifies metals contaminants that are so detrimental to lithium-ion battery (LiB) performance. Suitable for raw material testing, process control and failure analysis, the EA8000 is a powerful tool in ensuring LiBs’ quality and performance.

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Why choose the EA8000A X-ray analyzer?

Fast analysis

The innovative use of transmission X-ray imaging with advanced XRF spectroscopy makes scanning with the EA8000A 100 times faster than with other methods. For example, detection and compositional analysis of 20µm metal particles over a 200 x 250mm area takes only 30 minutes.

Automated operation

The EA8000A detects metal particles through imaging and then automatically scans those areas using XRF technology. This automated process ensures all contaminant sites are analyzed and reduces the likelihood of operator error.

Ability to detect contaminants below the surface

The choice of imaging technology ensures metal contaminants are detected throughout the volume of the component. Advanced XRF polycapillary optics means the highly focused and powerful X-ray beam can analyze metal particles beneath the surface in electrode plates and organic films.

Supports high-volume production

The versatility, speed and automated nature of the EA8000A supports high volume production. Because a scan can be carried out so quickly, it’s ideal for raw material analysis, process control and failure analysis, ensuring all aspects of LiB production meet the highest quality limits.

Watch the EA8000A in action

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EA8000A X-ray Analyzer Specifications

High Resolution SDD Yes
Polycapillary XRF optics Yes
Element range Al - U
Operation Windows PC
XY stage Motorised for automated use
Sample configuration Solids, powders, slurries
Largest sample size 250(W)x200(D)x50(H)mm
Automatic data storage Yes
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