Introducing the EA1400: the ultra-versatile benchtop RoHS XRF analyzer from Hitachi High-Tech

The new EA1400 benchtop XRF analyzer has speed, accuracy and versatility at its core. With an ultra-sensitive SDD detector, large sample chamber and optimized X-ray detector arrangement, it can be used for a range of applications and is ideal for RoHS regulatory screening.

Rapid RoHS analysis

The EA1400 is designed for rapid RoHS / ELV and halogen-free analysis. Powerful newly developed technology plus automated features mean you can rapidly and reliably determine whether production components contain hazardous substances. If you are operating a high-volume production facility that must check products for RoHS compliance, the EA1400 could be just what you need.

In-production process management

Ideal for testing laboratories for incoming inspection and quality assurance the EA1400 can be used by a range of businesses for RoHS screening. The instrument is also optimized for process control and management for many industrial processes, including the production of metals, minerals, glass, polymers and chemicals. For example, the EA1400 can be set up to monitor levels of specific process elements in addition to RoHS analysis. This information is stored automatically, enabling the instrument to spot increasing trends in those elements before they become problematic.


What’s new in the EA1400?

High throughput analysis with even better precision

The EA1400 includes a newly developed SDD detector with ultra-high sensitivity, meaning the instrument can perform analysis fast with no loss of accuracy and high intensity X-rays deliver better precision. These advances in technology mean that the EA1400 can take measurements quickly, while maintaining high levels of precision and accuracy, and analyse elements, such as cadmium, in challenging materials such as brass. This level of capability is invaluable in a fast-paced production environment where RoHS directives must be met. The software has been developed so that pass/fail determination can be made before the defined measurement time. Saving you time and increasing the number of samples you can analyse.

Easily accommodate large sample sizes

The EA1400 has been designed with a large sample chamber of W: 304 x D: 304 x H: 110mm. Ideal for large or irregularly shaped samples. Up to twelve samples can be measured with the autosampler option which allows for unattended analysis, freeing up more time for other activities.

Repeatable results for irregularly shaped samples

Standard XRF instruments can struggle to deliver accurate results when the sample surface isn’t flat. A newly optimized X-ray irradiation method devised for the EA1400 compensates for irregular or uneven samples, ensuring repeatability of results.  

Extend the range of elements you can analyze

Lighter elements, such as aluminium, magnesium and calcium, can be difficult to analyse without relying on helium. The EA1400 eliminates this problem as it’s able to detect and resolve these lighter elements under vacuum, reducing helium costs.

Preloaded with intuitive software to reduce operator error

The instrument automatically selects the best measurement type from the sample scan, ensuring that non-experienced users can get a good result. The software is configured for easy RoHS analysis in line with current directives*.

Find out more

Get in touch for a demonstration to see how the new EA1400 could help you meet RoHS directives for your high-volume testing.

The EA1400 is one of many analyzers in our RoHS range. If you need to regularly test for RoHS controlled substances, you might want to take a look at our other analyzers designed for this:

EA1000AIII: Simplified analysis for easy RoHS screening

HM1000A: Fast and simple screening of phthalates for RoHS compliance

X-MET8000: Rapid and reliable regulatory compliance screening

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Date: 15 September 2020

Author: Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science

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