How to achieve optimal melt control for non-ferrous casting with OES analysis

A guide for foundries

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Of the roughly 50,000 foundries around the world, approximately 12,000 produce non-ferrous metal. The exact chemical composition of a non-ferrous alloy being manufactured needs to be checked throughout the melt process to ensure the quality of the finished product meets specification. OES technology is primed to deliver accurate and reliable one-step quality control throughout the process. Our OES expert Wilhelm Sanders explains how this can be achieved.

This guide about how to achieve optimal melt control for non-ferrous casting with spark spectrometers covers:

  • The challenges of non-ferrous analysis
  • The secret of perfect OES analysis: sampling and sample prep
  • Understanding calibration and type standardization
  • Maintaining your OES analyzer
  • Identifying the grade
  • Making process control audits safe
  • Making spark OES your first choice

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