Essential Guide: Material analysis in automotive

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The automotive sector is in a state of flux. The good news is that big automotive Europe manufacturers are starting production again, with reports that China car sales are rebounding with first monthly gain since 2018. We’re starting to see that supply chains have started up again too. The drive to cut carbon emissions, fierce competitiveness and current market state are causing rapid change that affects all elements of the supply chain: foundries, fabricators, plating and coating facilities, electronic component manufacturers, battery producers, vehicle manufacturers and recycling plants.

As a supplier to many facets of the automotive industry, we’re in a unique position to see how this change affects everyone in the supply chain – especially when it comes to materials analysis and quality control.

In this guide we examine:

  • what effects environmentally driven legislation and technological innovation are having on the automotive industry right now
  • how our solutions could help different parts of the automotive production process to help reduce waste and cost, and ultimately lead to improved efficiency
  • specific issues affecting different key regions in the world and how our solutions can play a role in powering good

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