Application note: Calibration ranges FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart spark spectrometer

The OES analyzer FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart is the ideal solution for the metal production and processing industry, providing cost-effective, reliable analysis. This new generation optical emission spectrometer offers high analytical performance at an extremely compact size of just 415 x 665 mm footprint, so it fits in the smallest spaces and makes handling easy.

This spark spectrometer saves time with quick start-up and fast measurement, the unique spark stand is accessible from three sides, ideal for samples with complex and irregular shapes and sizes.

FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart - spark spectrometer on your desktop

Here you can download the application note of the FOUNDRY-MASTER Smart with calibration ranges for all bases.

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Date: 7 December 2021

Author: Maryam BeigMohamadi, PhD, Application Scientist

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