New spark spectrometer for high performance metals analysis: FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro2

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science launches a new optical emission spectrometer for the demanding metals analysis in foundries and other metals industry: the FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro2.

Seamless quality control is essential throughout the metals industry, from trace element analysis in scrap metal, to incoming materials inspection, melt process control and goods issue. The FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro2 optical emission spectrometer is a metals analyser engineered to deliver superior analysis at every stage, without compromising your productivity. Thanks to its near constant availability and high resolution dynamic detector you can get quick detailed results and lowest production downtime. The FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro2 minimises argon consumption and keeps down operating costs. This unique combination of performance and efficiency makes the FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro2 the analysis instrument of choice for the metals industry.

With its innovative optical system and extended wavelength range the FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro2 assures precise identification and trace analysis of important elements such as nitrogen in steel, low detection limit for carbon for the determination of ultra-low carbon steels and phosphorus in aluminium. 

It is the ideal analyser for metal manufacturers, processors and the foundry industry, featuring innovative technology, like a read-out technology developed specifically for spectroscopy applications, which outperform conventional photo tube based systems. A superior plasma oscillator ensures straightforward and precise analysis.

The new unique middle pressure technology helps to achieve clear transparency for the complete spectral range, including lowest UV. The optics is essentially maintenance-free and has significantly lower operating costs than alternative inert gas purged systems. The innovative detector system with improved dynamics and resolution provides excellent analytical performance.

The sample stand, open on three sides, offers the ability to measure almost any size of samples, from large semi-finished products to tiny wires. A new argon flow management within the spark stand leads to less cleaning than comparable systems. The cleaning intervals are extremely long and the cleaning process is fast. Furthermore with pre-aligned parts and quick connections the instrument recovery is very efficient. All this guarantees maximum availability of the instrument.

The FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro2 is equipped with the unique Jet-Stream technology. The electrode in the sample stand is encapsulated in a flow of argon, providing key benefits compared to previously available systems: the argon consumption is reduced to a minimum, which saves considerably operating expenses.

Another benefit of the Jet-Stream technology is that the sample does not need to completely seal the spark stand opening. Tubes, bars and even wires can be directly analysed, using the only one universal adapter. This is a major operational advantage and strongly reduces the sample preparation time.

In addition to the innovative hardware technology the largest metals database on the market for fast and easy grade identification is already installed on the FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro2. The Hitachi GRADE Database offers more than 12 million records for over 339,000 materials from 69 countries and standards. You can update your instrument’s grade database with a few clicks without time consuming research in norms and grade catalogues.

Ease-of-use and simplicity differentiate the FOUNDRY-MASTER Pro2. The intuitive user interface and numerous customer driven features make analysis easy.

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Date: 16 November 2017


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