Benchtop XRF elemental analysis | LAB-X and X-Supreme ranges

XRF analysis (X-ray fluorescence) with the highly flexible and powerful energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometer X-Supreme8000 and LAB-X5000 for quality assurance and process control requirements across a diverse range of applications; e.g. Petroleum & oil, wood treatment, minerals, mining, cosmetics, Cement, paper.

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Why choose Hitachi benchtop XRF analyzers?

Results you can trust

An integrated sample spinner rotates the sample during the measurement, ensuring results are repeatable, even for inhomogeneous samples such as powders.

User error is minimized: the energy dispersive spectrometer is easy to use with a simple one-button start, intuitive user interface and a large, easy to read display.

Low running costs

Helium usage and costs are kept to a minimum - the majority of measurements can be taken in ambient air atmosphere.

Few consumables are needed and maintenance costs are extremely low, especially when compared to other methods, like ICP.

Ruggedness built in

An automated turntable moves the sample away from key EDXRF analyzer components to minimize the risk of damage and ensure low maintenance costs.

The analyzer is built with robust, field- proven components and an industrial grade PC. These features mean that the benchtop XRF range is tough enough to use in the harshest of production facilities. Both EDXRF spectrometers come with factory warranties. We offer a standard 1-year warranty on the Lab-X5000 and an extended 3-year warranty on the X-Supreme8000*.

Fast quality control

Rapid analysis means that our analyzers can be used at any stage of production for quick feedback on materials composition and quality.

*Terms and conditions to our X-Supreme 3-year warranty apply.

Every shift. Every test. Every time.

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  LAB-X5000 X-Supreme8000
Element range (elements suite depends on application) Na-U Na-U
Sample changer No Yes (10-position)
Operation Touch screen Touch screen and integrated keyboard
High resolution detector Yes Yes
Automatic atmospheric compensation (for repeatable analysis of light elements Na – Cl in air path) Yes No
Helium purge for improved performance of Na-Cl Yes Yes
One-touch to start measurement Yes No
SmartCheck software for customised analysis checks Yes (basic) Yes (advanced)
Automatic data storage Yes Yes
Cloud-based data backup with ExTOPE Connect Yes No
Data export to LIMS or server Yes Yes
Factory Calibrations for selected applications Yes Yes
Sample spinner for optimum repeatability of powders, granules and irregular shapes Yes Yes
Safety window to prevent sample leakage in the analyzer Yes Yes
Factory warranty 1-year warranty 3-year warranty





ExTOPE Connect for LAB-X

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ExTOPE connect is an advanced data management and storage service that allows you to store your results safely, share data instantly and access the data in real time from any computer.
Achieve greater efficiency in the field or production site when using Hitachi High-Tech’s Vulcan, X-MET or LAB-X5000 analyzers.

ExTOPE Connect - Advanced data management, sharing and storage for LAB-X.

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