The industry standard arc OES analyzer for high throughput metals analysis 

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Why choose the TEST-MASTER Pro?


With arc mode, you’ll achieve pass/fail sorting in three seconds with minimal or no sample preparation. With spark mode after suitable sample preparation, pass/fail sorting can be achieved in four seconds, including C measurement.


This workhorse is designed for continuous operation; 100 percent testing 24/7 for 365 days a year.

Accessibility and Automation

Mobility and automation probe with long flexible cable. Fully automatic, low maintenance testing for profitability and peace of mind.

Technical specifications

Multi-CCD optics in Paschen-Runge mounting and optimised pixel resolution

Wavelength range: 185-672nm

Computer system: Internal computer unit and touch screen user interface

Typical applications

Steel alloys

L grade segregation in stainless steel

C, P*, S*, Sn*, As*, B* analysis in steel

Al alloys ~ Al-Si ~ Al-Si-Cu

Cu-Sn ~ Cu-Zn

Cu, Ni, Zn, Co, Mg, Pb, Sn and Ti alloys
*With UVPro probe



Analyze UV elements and low carbon content. Touch display for instrument control and convenient analysis.



Sort metals in seconds with arc in air atmosphere – no argon needed.



Reliable spark analysis of standard elements including carbon. Various sample adapters available.

Tired of wasting your time searching for grades manually? 

Our mobile spark OES analyzers come with the world’s largest metal database already installed. With more than 10 million records for over 360,000 materials from 69 countries, you’ll have easy access to the information you need with no time-consuming research in norms and grade catalogues.


Brochure: TEST-MASTER Pro


Brochure: GRADE Database


Brochure: Adaptors for mobile metal analyzers


Metal analysis throughout the QA/QC process

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