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IPC APEX, February 04-06, San Diego


IPC specifications for printed board surface finishes set the standard for quality and reliability in printed board manufacturing today. Adhering to these specifications increases yield and performance, but involves tight process control and accurate measurement of surface finish thickness.

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science is a leading provider of X-ray Fluorescence (XRF), which is an industry-proven technique offering fast and non-destructive analysis for high-reliability electronics. Our XRF instruments are used within the circuit board and electronics industries to precisely control plating processes down to the nanometer scale.

Our expert team knows all about compliance with IPC-4556, IPC-4552A, IPC-4553A and IPC-4554 using XRF. We're happy to talk to you about your quality program and how XRF can help.

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We'll also be introducing a new instrument at IPC APEX, you can see it in action at booth 1027.


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Compare Products For Coating Analysis

Our XRF range off ers a long-term solution to address the challenge of achieving consistent and accurate coatings in miniaturised electronics.

  • Proportional counter or high resolution SDD
  • Element range: Ti – U or Al – U (SDD)
  • Chamber design : Slotted
  • XY stage options : Fixed base, deep well, motorised
  • Largest sample : 270 x 500 x 150 mm
  • Maximum number of collimators : 6
  • Filters : 1
  • Smallest collimator : 0.01 x 0.25 mm (0.5 x10 mil)
  • SmartLink software
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  • Proportional Counter System
  • Element range : Ti-U
  • Chamber design : closed or slotted
  • XY stage options : fixed base, motorised
  • Largest sample : 500 x 400 x 150 mm
  • Maximum number of collimators : 4
  • Filters: 1
  • Smallest collimator : 0.05 mm
  • X-ray Station software
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  • High Resolution SDD
  • Element range : Al-U
  • Chamber design : closed
  • XY stage options : motorised, wafer
  • Largest sample : 600 x 600 x 20 mm
  • Filters : 1 or 3
  • Polycapillary < 20 µm
  • XRF Controller
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Proportional counter

High resolution SDD

Proportional counter

High resolution SDD
Polycapillary optic

ENIG ★★☆ ★★★ ★★☆ ★★★
ENEPIG ★★☆ ★★★ ★★☆ ★★★
Electroless nickel thickness and composition (IPC 4556, IPC 4552) N/A ★★☆ N/A ★★★
Electroless nickel thickness ★★☆ ★★★ ★★☆ ★★★
Immersion Ag ★★☆ ★★★ ★★☆ ★★★
Immersion Sn ★★☆ ★★★ ★★☆ ★★★
HASL ★★☆ ★★★ ★★☆ ★★★
Pb-free solder (eg. SAC) ★☆☆ ★★☆ ★☆☆ ★★★
CIGS N/A ★★☆ N/A ★★★
CdTe N/A ★★☆ N/A ★★★
Thin film analysis at nm-scale N/A ★★☆ N/A ★★★
Multi-layer analysis ★★☆ ★★★ ★★☆ ★★★
IEC 62321 RoHS screening N/A N/A N/A N/A
Measure features < 50 µm N/A N/A N/A ★★★
Pattern recognition software N/A N/A ★★★ ★★★

Contact Thickness Gauges

We also have a range of handheld thickness gauges for PCB and Copper Surface.

Common measurement applications with these digital PCB & copper surface gauges include:

  • Copper foil and laminate thickness

  • Surface copper thickness

  • Through-hole copper thickness

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