Hitachi High-Tech launches EA1400 RoHS analyzer for hazardous substance control

Oxford, UK, 15th September 2020: Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science launches EA1400 RoHS analyzer for hazardous substance control.

EA1400 Analyzer RoHS Screening


RoHS screening simplified

Designed to play a key role in manufacturing facilities, this latest analyzer for hazardous substances has been developed to meet the latest directives. The EA1400 benchtop XRF analyzer uses superior detection technology coupled with innovative X-ray optics designed for rapid screening of RoHS substances. The EA1400 helps customers to carry out the screening required to speed up and simplify RoHS testing in production environments and allows customers to update substance control criteria as directives change over time.
The new silicon drift detector (SDD) design improves accuracy and analysis speed for RoHS substances, such as cadmium and lead. A newly optimized X-ray irradiation method means that there is a more reproducible analysis of uneven and irregular surfaces. Additionally, the high-performance detector boosts the count rate for improved precision of trace elements giving superior measurement ability of lighter elements. To ensure maximum productivity, screening for cadmium in brass – typically the most challenging aspect of XRF RoHS screening - is designed to be faster than traditional models, allowing for higher throughput. 
The software has an in-built feature which visually flags defined elements that are out of pre-set concentration limits. Using the precision control software, the EA1400 automatically stops analysis once defined parameters are met. Pass/fail determination can be made before the defined measurement time. This increases throughput when multiple samples need to be measured and thus saving time without compromising your quality program.
Beyond RoHS screening, the EA1400 also has the capability to distinguish between the main components in slag (Si, Ca, Al and Mg), polymers, minerals, chemicals and other materials.
Ashley-Kate McCann, Product Manager, Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science said, “Our customers have asked us to help reduce their measurement time per sample, simplify the management of measurement results, reduce operational mistakes and improve efficiency. The EA1400 delivers on this whilst also achieving superior detection limits, providing a screening tool for RoHS and other restricted material directives as they exist today and continue to evolve in future.’’
The EA1400 is available to order now
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Date: 15 September 2020


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