Hitachi High-Tech introduces Real View® Polarized Micro Sample Observation Unit for NEXTA® DSC Series, advancing high-precision structural analysis

Oxford, UK, March 5, 2024 – Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science Ltd. ("Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science”), part of the Hitachi High-Tech Group, has launched a polarization microscope accessory compatible with the NEXTA® DSC Series of thermal analyzers.

Used in diverse fields for thermal analysis, including polymers, pharma, electronics, chemical, academia, oil and gas, food, and metals, the NEXTA® DSC measures heat flow for material characterization. It provides thermal properties such as melting point, glass transition, and crystallization.

In industries and research facilities developing high-performance materials, Hitachi’s Real View® Polarized Micro Sample Observation Unit for NEXTA® DSC optional accessory offers versatility, extending to applications like sample crystal orientation, quality control of multilayer films, and failure analysis.

 NEXTA® DSC Series of thermal analyzers

Enhanced microscopic analysis

The Real View® Polarized Micro Sample Observation Unit for NEXTA® DSC is equipped with a 20-megapixel high-resolution camera, providing a 10-fold increase in resolution and a 

50-fold digital zoom compared to the standard Real View® camera system. Additionally, controllable polarization technology enhances the contrast in the image, allowing operators to explore the directional dependence – known as anisotropy – of the sample.

The camera unit has a dedicated image processing function specifically designed for polarization observation. The system seamlessly performs layer-by-layer melting point analysis of multi-layer films, using a straightforward operation akin to the NEXTA® DSC series. 

These features facilitate high-precision structural analysis of various materials, enabling clear observation of small areas, including abnormalities in multi-layer film quality.

Olivier Savard, Product Manager for thermal analyzers at Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science, stated, "The Real View® Polarized Micro Sample Observation Unit for NEXTA® DSC Series introduces an innovative approach to high-precision structural analysis, expanding the capabilities of differential scanning calorimeters for companies and research laboratories who need to enhanced material characterization."

Shinya Nishimura, Product Manager for thermal analyzers at Hitachi High-Tech Science, stated, “The Polarized Micro Sample Observation Unit enables thermal analysis of micro areas using a uniquely developed image processing function. This product provides innovative applications and solutions for the R&D and QA/QC markets.”

*“NEXTA” and “Real View” are registered trademarks of Hitachi High-Tech Science in Japan, the United States, the EU, and other countries.

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Date: 5 March 2024

Author: Hitachi High-Tech


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