Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science Expand X-Strata920 Capabilities With A High Resolution Detector

Where nanometers can make all the difference, advance XRF coating measurement in your operation with the X-Strata920 SDD version.

Oxford, UK, 19. June 2018: Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science Corporation (Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science), a Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation (TSE: 8036) wholly owned subsidiary engaged in the manufacture and sales of analysis and measuring instruments, today expands the capabilities of the established X-Strata920 XRF coatings analyser to include a new high-resolution detector and a new sample stage configuration.

The Hitachi Hitch-Tech XRF Coatings range has successfully helped measure coating thickness in the electronics and general metal finishing industries for over 40 years. The X-Strata920 ensures coatings meet the required specifications and minimise waste from excess coating or scrapping under-plated material. With the expansion of the X-Strata’s capabilities users are able to do much more with this instrument.

This new X-Strata means the instrument can be customized for optimal performance, with options for a high-resolution silicon drift detector (SDD) or a proportional counter. In addition, it now has four chamber and base configurations to handle a large selection of sample shapes and sizes, including complex geometries found in the automotive industry.

An SDD can offer advantages over a proportional counter for complex coating structures, as it can more easily analyse elements that have similar XRF characteristics, such as nickel and copper. This extends the range of elements that can be analysed to include phosphorus – critical for electroless nickel analysis, and can more precisely measure thin coatings, such as gold in the nanometer range when conforming to IPC-4552A.

Matt KREINER, Hitachi Product Business Development Manager, said: “The X-Strata920, along with the other XRF instruments in the Hitachi High-Tech range, are known for being future proof, reliable and easy to use. The addition of an SDD and the option for a wide base gives our customers greater analytical capabilities and flexibility to measure complex coatings on a large range of parts. We have retained the highly intuitive SmartLink software so that any operator – regardless of experience level - can quickly learn to use the instrument and get accurate, reliable results. Our coatings products including the advanced FT150 microspot analyser, handheld XRF, and CMI gauges that allow for quick portable analysis have been trusted for over 40 years to deliver coatings measurements and we are excited to offer these improvements.”

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Date: 3 July 2018


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