XRF Coatings Analyzer

Maximum accuracy, minimal waste

When less than a single micron can be the difference between successful coatings measurement in your business, choose the X-Strata920.

With the option of either a proportional counter or silicon drift detector (SDD), you can ensure you have the right configuration.

If you work in the electronics or metal finishing industries we have the right solution for your business. The X-Strata920 with its choice of configurations can analyze single-layer and multi-layer coatings including alloyed layers.

Our in-house experts test and measure to ensure you get reliable repeatable results for hundreds of applications including: PCB surface finishes, connector coatings, corrosion resistance, decorative finishes, wear resistance and high-temperature resistance.

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Now with 4 base configurations

You can handle parts of any shape.

The X-Stata920 comes with four base configurations so you can handle parts of any shape.

  • The slotted chamber with either standard or wide fixed base fits small parts as well as long, skinny samples.
  • The mini-well chamber gives you the flexibility to measure taller parts.
  • Choose the motorised, programmable stage to automatically measure multiple samples or various locations on a single assembly.

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