Ensure Peace of Mind with our 5-Year Hitachi Protect Warranty

At Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science, we know you depend on essential equipment to run operations efficiently and with predictable costs. We also understand the need to carefully research and plan before making an investment. To ensure you get the most from your analyzer, we are currently offering our 5-year Hitachi Protect warranty built into your purchase of select X-Strata920 XRF coatings analyzers*. It’s our promise that your business will remain efficient and productive – with less risk of downtime or unplanned costs.

*Terms and Conditions apply.


X-Strata920 - now with 4 base configurations:

Preventative Maintenance Is the Smart Choice

As part of our 5-year Hitachi Protect warranty program, you will receive routine recertification at no additional cost.

Terms & Conditions