Hitachi High-Tech improves thermal analysis workflow efficiency through enhanced analysis software

Oxford, 5 October, 2022 – Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science, a global company within Hitachi High-Tech Group, has introduced a new software update for its thermal analyzer product range that improves workflow efficiency by automating measurement conditions input, analysis and data export. With many companies increasing their use of thermal analyzers for research, development and monitoring quality of various materials, the software update minimizes user errors and helps provide results you can trust.

Automatic entry of measurement conditions

As measurement conditions like temperature range and heating rate vary from sample to sample, human errors such as inaccurate input and misread analysis results can be introduced. The Hitachi software update introduces a feature that allows measurement conditions, which previously needed manual entry, to be entered automatically by reading identification information linked to a sample with a barcode reader. This feature can also be used in conjunction with an autosampler to automatically test a larger volume of samples, helping to eliminate human error when entering measurement conditions and improving data quality.

Hitachi High-Tech improves thermal analysis workflow efficiency through enhanced analysis software

Data management support

When a high volume of samples needs to be analyzed, time and labor costs associated with extensive data entry and managing high volumes of results brings additional challenges. Our new data management feature allows information such as test items, lot numbers and serial numbers to be exported together with thermal analysis results data. This information can be exported to CSV, Excel and text formats, making management of analysis results easier and simplify transfer to data handling systems such as LIMS. This all contributes to improved results reliability during quality control and research and development.

When used in conjunction with Hitachi High-Tech's automatic analysis software*1, not only can post-measurement analysis be carried out automatically, but administrative data and analysis results can also be exported as data sets in an easy-to-manage format. By preventing human error during configuration of measurement conditions, management of analysis results data is made easier, leading to increased reliability and efficiency.

Olivier Savard, Product Manager – Thermal Analysis, said, “We’re always looking to improve the user experience of our instruments. This latest update to our thermal analyzer product range helps us support customers with their increasing data management needs, eliminating human errors and increasing data reliability.”

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Date: 17 October 2022


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