Use case: Hitachi OES for analysis of wear-resistant iron and steel during manufacture

“Hitachi provides the best performance and service within a reasonable price range… suitable for products with higher requirements for accuracy and precision.”

Accurate material analysis is essential for Chinese iron and steel producer, Tangshan City Jianxin Steel Ball Co., Ltd. Specializing in wear-resistant iron and steel destined for demanding industries, such as energy, cement and mining, the company must verify melt chemistry to ensure they meet exacting client specifications.

Historically, Tangshan City Jianxin Steel Ball Co., Ltd. had used chemical titration for product quality testing, but this was time consuming, difficult and led to problems in production. Realizing a different solution was required, the company decided to move to spark OES as a method and, after some research, settled on a Hitachi OES spark spectrometer.

Product stability, accuracy and after-sales service

Together with Antpedia Magazine, we visited Tangshan City Jianxin Steel Ball Co., Ltd. to see first-hand what difference our OES analyzer has made to their production. We met with Xiang Shaoxin, the General Manager, who explained that the most important factors in buying an OES analyzer were product stability, accuracy and after-sales service.

We asked him what impact our spectrometer has had on his production, he said, “Traditional chemical titration requires 30 minutes, while OES takes only 7-8 minutes, and even about 10 minutes at most, so the efficiency is greatly enhanced. It not only reduces energy consumption, but greatly cuts down the power consumption for the steel furnace itself.”

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During our visit, Xiang told us how his company was based on good technical practice from the very start and his belief that good products not only help develop his company, but drive innovation in the industry as a whole. You can read the full interview, including three specific examples where good product quality – supported by OES analysis – have made a real difference to the success of Tangshan City Jianxin Steel Ball Co., Ltd.

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Date: 10 March 2021

Author: Hitachi Hight-Tech Analytical Science

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