Handheld LIBS Analyzers with Fast ROI

Our Vulcan series of handheld LIBS analyzers deliver results in one second and are popular for incoming inspection, metal verification and scrap sorting. The features of the Vulcan that make it so useful on a practical level, such as no X-rays, less licensing hassle, instant results and accurate grade ID, also ensure that the instrument delivers rapid return on investment.

Below are just a few examples of how our customers found their Vulcan analyzer rapidly paid for itself.

Quality and analysis is 100% assured, day after day

When I Holland first came to Hitachi High-Tech, they weren’t looking to purchase an analyzer. As a supplier of steel dies to the pharmaceutical industry, I Holland had a sudden and urgent need to sort a large quantity of punches. So, we lent them a Vulcan LIBS analyzer for rapid determination of the type of steel of each punch. They were so impressed, they bought their own.

Today, I Holland use their Vulcan to test every single punch before shipping. They also use it to develop

new punches by analyzing samples received from potential customers. The analyzer is in daily use, making 100% certainty of the quality of each part the norm.

“Quality and analysis is 100% assured on a daily basis, thanks to Vulcan. It has paid for itself over and over again and we have seen a positive return on our investment.”

Eliminating the need for third party testing

UK firm GT Factors were road-testing a Vulcan when it flagged up a mislabeled sample from a new supplier. The company manufactures ratchet straps for securing freight and using the wrong grade of stainless steel could easily result in product failure – with very serious consequences. They purchased a Hitachi Vulcan.

Prior to this, GT Factors relied on external, third-party testing to verify the composition of incoming materials. Switching to internal testing with Vulcan, not only saved time, but saved money and reduced the likelihood of material mix-ups in transit.

“Vulcan has already saved us money, which is fantastic. We can bypass expensive third-party testers and avoid unreliable suppliers.”


Saving money on scrap sorting thanks to no X-rays

Sometimes, it’s the choice of analyzer that can save you money. TNT Scrap have to sort through large amounts of scrap metal and grade it correctly for recycling. Clearly, the one-second analysis time of Vulcan is an advantage when faced with high volume testing, as is the portable nature of the instrument. But for TNT, they were keen to keep X-ray technology out of the scrapyard as it requires more licensing and training. The Vulcan fitted the bill perfectly and no X-rays meant no specialist training or license was needed, keeping costs in check.

“The laser aspect of the Vulcan means that there’s no requirement for an X-ray license or training classes, so these registration fees can be avoided. This saves both time and money.”

The Vulcan range of handheld laser analyzers

Vulcan brings durability, analysis speed and low cost of ownership together. It uses laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) as the detection technology, which eliminates the need for X-rays and the associated licenses and specialist training. It’s built to last and is IP54 certified, NEMA3 equivalent and complies with MIL-STD-810G military grade for ruggedness.


To take a reading, all you do is place the analyzer onto the sample and press the trigger. In as little as one second the results are displayed clearly in the screen. These results can be sent to our cloud data management service, ExTOPE Connect, for record keeping purposes. And with a battery life of 8 hours when analyzing a sample every five seconds, it will add to your productivity throughout the working day.


Ready to try out the Vulcan?

To find out which of the range of Vulcan analyzers will give you the best return for your investment, get in touch to arrange a demo.

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Date: 26 August 2020

Author: Hanna Heinonen, Product Specialist, Handheld XRF and LIBS

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