Why you need a window shield for your handheld XRF in a scrapyard

Almost anyone who’s been operating handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) instruments in an industrial environment for any period knows that x-ray detectors can be vulnerable. This is especially true when you’re testing sharp, irregularly-shaped objects like scrap shavings and wires in a scrap yard.

It’s simple - a window shield just makes sense

Like most simple yet effective solutions, the window shield we provide benefits from superior design to offer you a convenient way to future-proof your business:

  • Protection for all parts behind the nose of the instrument, not just the detector
  • Analysis of light elements
  • Low replacement cost
  • Integrated Prolene window, which can be discarded and replaced when damaged or dirty.

We’ve got you covered – Maximum Uptime & Optimum Protection

If you want superior chemistry, non-destructive technology and robust design, then a handheld XRF is your choice of instrument. But accidents can happen, so to achieve optimum protection for maximum uptime, a window shield is essential. Some Hitachi models like the X-MET8000 Smart come with a shield as standard so you won’t even need to worry. Whichever model you are considering, the shield is a cost-effective and logical solution to protect your XRF detector and should be part of the package you buy.

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Date: 21 March 2019

Author: Mikko Järvikivi - Product Manager, Handheld LIBS and XRF

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