Achieve laboratory-standard testing on board your ship with the X-MET8000

With less than a year to go till IMO 2020 implementation, ship owners really need to start taking action now, so they have enough time to ensure compliance. However, as there’s no one set method to comply, it can be daunting to know what do. It’s something that comes up regularly in conversations I’m having.

And with countries like China getting hotter on topics like environment and enforcement, many shipping companies are facing a new world that they’ve never properly had to consider before.


Giving you the best solution

We want to make it easy by sharing the wealth of insight we’ve built up in our 30+ years working with fuel testing houses. Many port authorities use Hitachi, (previously known as Oxford Instruments) analysers for their testing. It’s highly likely that your fuel samples have at some point been tested in port labs using our benchtop XRF analysers.

We supply independent laboratories and those located at ports with our X-Supreme 8000 and LAB-X benchtop XRF analysers, which comply with ASTM D4294, ISO8754, and IP336 sulphur test methods. These instruments are globally renowned for the quality of results they reliably produce.

Our handheld XRF X-MET8000 analyser, which we recommend for ship owners to comply with the IMO 2020, confirms to the same ASTM D494, ISO8754 and IP336 sulphur test methods as our benchtop XRF analysers.

With a Hitachi X-MET, you get laboratory-quality testing onboard your ship; with the same accuracy and precision of results onboard as laboratories do onshore, so you can be totally confident in the results. The X-MET8000 delivers a reliable result in less than 60-seconds to help you quickly make data-driven decisions.

Easy to use and requiring minimal user training, our fully portable solution offers an intuitive way to accurately measure the sulphur content of fuel, backed by our expertise and many years of experience. With an X-MET 8000 you’ll get an analyser that’s trusted by thousands of businesses around the world.

We’ve also partnered with Wilhelmsen to combine our 45-years of expertise in XRF analysis solutions and Wilhelmsen’s wealth of experience in the shipping services market to give you the best possible solution on the market.

Want to find out more?

Watch our video showing how simple it’s to use the X-MET8000:

Or contact us for a chat or a quote on how we can help you meet the IMO 2020 regulations.

Brett Duncan is a Territory Sales Manager at Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science. Brett has more than 20 years’ experience selling XRF, LIBS and OES industrial analysers.

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Date: 21 March 2019

Author: Brett Duncan, Territory Manager

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