Helping you achieve bunker fuel sulfur compliance

In 2020, the IMO (International Maritime Organisation) will enforce a new global sulfur limit of 0.5% for bunker fuel oil. As ship owners and port control authorities, you can make sure you meet the current and new global sulfur limits with our analyzers.

Our portable and benchtop XRF (X-ray Fluorescence) analyzers conform to international standard test methods (e.g. ASTM D4294, ISO 8754 and IP336), delivering results you can trust. They can be used to test bunker fuel oil:

  • On site, before it’s loaded
  • On board a vessel
  • In the laboratory

So you can ensure you are compliant no matter where you’re testing.


Trusted by thousands of businesses around the world, the X-MET8000 handheld analyzer weighs 1.5kg to make it easier to take it from site to site and ship to ship. It has an embedded GPS to pinpoint where analysis is performed.

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The LAB-X5000 is ideally suited for on-board tanker or laboratory analysis. Trusted for sulfur analysis by the petroleum industry for many years, it’s a robust, reliable machine that’s the instrument of choice for fuel testing houses.

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Our analyzers are fast and accurate to ensure you avoid significant delays or additional costs to your operations.


Real-time data sharing and management of results with our cloud service, and IOS and Android app. 


Our analyzers can be used to test the fuel to verify the sulfur content and measure a range of wear metals in lubricating oil too to help you identify potential damage onboard the ship. 


We understand our analyzers need to work where you need to test – so we’ve designed our analyzers to be tough, durable and built to last.

X-MET8000 for Sulfur in Fuel analysis to ASTM D4294, ISO8754 and IP336