ExTOPE Connect: Cloud-based data management for XRF and LIBS analysis

It’s not always easy to record and file XRF or LIBS analysis results within a production environment. Whether within a manufacturing site, processing plant or out in the field, manual recording of results is time-consuming and open to error. ExTOPE Connect from Hitachi is a cloud-based data storage application that automatically records and stores analysis results.

From providing analytical data sheets to your customers, to compliance for ISO and similar certifications, you need confidence that you are recording and storing the right data for the right measurement. These measurements are also important for internal quality control, such as spotting trends across production lines or manufacturing sites.

Ultimately, you need to make sure the analytical results are being recorded correctly, and can be easily tracked back to the right production batch, or field location. This needs to be done without putting pressure on the operators making the measurement, or reducing your throughput.


Automatic data collection and storage

With an ExTOPE Connect enabled analyzer, your measurement results are sent straight to the Cloud. Your camera images, spectra and measurement ID can all be stored in a single location. The data can then be accessed from anyone with the right access permission within your organisation. This can be via a desktop, tablet or smartphone. All you need is a WiFi connection, or connected smartphone running the right app.

The Cloud-based software can produce pdf reports from the measurements, so it’s easy for your customer service or goods-out team to send the right information to your customers.

It’s also possible to download the measurement results in csv format. This is useful for quality control departments looking at raw material and in-house quality processes. As you can upload data from multiple locations to a single Cloud-based location, you can monitor differences between sites and easily spot site-specific problems.

Making life easier for those making the measurements

Automatic, Cloud-based data storage takes the pressure of the person making the measurement. In a production environment, the operator can focus on the measurements and keep throughput high. It also helps to meet compliance and legal obligations without interfering with production processes.

In a field environment, our handheld analysers are equipped with WiFi, making it easy to send the data back to base via the Cloud. If there is no WiFi available, the operator can use an app on their smartphone to collect and send the data directly and securely to the Cloud. GPS coordinates of the measurement (or phone) location are stored alongside the measurement results to ensure absolute accuracy.

No IT upgrades required

All you need is an ExTOPE account and you can start collecting and storing data in the Cloud immediately. You don’t have to implement any IT hardware or software. Through a simple interface, all authorised users can access the data they need via their desktop, tablet or phone. They can even see results across multiple sites, and manage a fleet of analysers from a single location. It’s easy to give people the information they need to do their jobs efficiently and cost-effectively with ExTOPE Connect.

And, with scalable Cloud access, you can store and access an ever-increasing amount of data without investing in costly in-house IT data storage.


We are constantly seeking to update and improve ExTOPE Connect with new functionality. Automatic software updates mean that you’ll always be working with the most recent software version. This helps to avoid confusion amongst different team members working collaboratively, as everyone will see the same software when they log in to their account.

And when you add more analysers to your fleet, you can add them to your ExTOPE account at no extra cost.

ExTOPE Connect is available with these Hitachi analysers:

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Date: 8 November 2018

Author: Mikko Järvikivi - Product Manager, Handheld LIBS and XRF

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