Application Note: LAB-X5000, silicone on paper, clay coated paper and film.

Silicone coated papers are widely used as release liners, with the major application being stick-on labels of all types. Other uses include double-sided tapes, polymer films and decorative trims. In all cases the silicone-coated substrate protects a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer until it is needed, at which time the backing is peeled away. It is important to closely control the amount of silicone applied because too little will prevent the protective paper from being removed cleanly and too much is a waste of expensive material. Benchtop XRF analysers have been used for over twenty years to provide a cost-effective answer to this problem, offering rapid, precise analysis with the minimal sample preparation and operation by non-laboratory staff. The success of the method is that for the thin layers of silicone there is a simple linear relationship between the XRF silicon signal and coat weight.


LAB-X5000 XRF analyser

XRF analysis with the LAB-X5000 is repeatable and reproducible for any operator. 

  • The easiest, fastest and more versatile LAB-X ever
  • Software and hardware are optimized for high throughput testing
  • The large industrial-grade touch screen is resistant to chemicals and clearly displays results and controls

Download the Application Note for more information below. 

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Date: 10 October 2018

Author: Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science

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