Application Note: X-MET8000 analysis of wood

Hitachi High Tech’s X-MET8000 handheld XRF analyser offers many advantages for the identification and analysis of treated wood:

  • Easy to use: simple point and shoot operation. Minimal user training is required
  • Fast: reliable results chemistry in seconds, for high testing throughput
  • Rugged: its IP54 rating ensures durability and low cost of ownership. Ideal for use outdoors
  • Compact and lightweight (1.5kg with battery), the X-MET8000 is fully portable and is supplied in a small and rugged case for easy transportation from site to site
  • User-defined results: only see the information that’s important to you (e.g. elements, compounds)


The X-MET8000 is factory-calibrated for wood analysis. Its Wood Fundamental Parameters (FP) calibration is a semi-quantitative method that has been optimised for the analysis of treated wood. The calibration can be used to analyse wood treated with chemicals other than CCA (e.g. copper-based or chlorine-based).

The Wood FP calibration includes the following elements: Ag, As, Au, Ba, Bi, Br, Ca, Cl, Cr, Cd, Cu, Fe, Hg, Mn, Ni, Pb, Se, Sn, Sb, Sr, Ta, Ti, Zn, Zr.

Treated wood can also be analysed as sawdust. In this case, pour the sawdust in a sample cup fitted with polyester film, and measure the cup in the light stand (see picture). The light stand fits in the case, for complete portability.

Download the application note for more information.  

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Date: 21 August 2018

Author: Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science

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