Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA): DMA7100

DMA (dynamic mechanical analyzer) measures the viscoelastic properties of materials. Its main use is for glass transition detection, but it can also be used to measure secondary transition, materials stiffness, curing level, and crystallinity. It’s used for mechanical characterization in applied research, R&D in plastics, rubber and film materials.

Our DMA helps you catch very fast modulus changes, understand unexpected behaviors such as sample damage or color change, and check the reliability of each data point – even after the measurement run is complete. Our innovative Real View® camera system provides real-time observation during measurement. The DMA7100 has an extremely large modules range making it ideal for very soft and stiff samples.  

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Product Highlights

Comprehensive material characterization made easy

  • A wide applied force range with 0.00001N resolution and very low levels of noise in the output signal to detect and resolve the smallest transitions.
  • The design of the liquid nitrogen Dewar cooling platform reduces liquid nitrogen consumption by up to 30% to keep operating costs down and running time up. With our efficient liquid Nitrogen control cooling, you can measure up to 11 cycles (-125 to 25C) with a 30L Dewar.
  • Easily verify the reliability of each data point during or after analysis with the Lissajous monitor function so you can be confident in the results.
  • A simple sample clamping mechanism and intuitive software that can be set up to guide the operator through the analysis process means the instrument can be easily operated by non-experts.
  • Delivered with all software modules as standard, including master curve (TTS) and activation energy calculations, making it ideal for a large range of applications.
  • Our DMA instrument meets relevant standards including ISO, ASTM, DIN and JIS with ASTM E1269, ASTM E1641-16, ASTM E794-06, ASTM E793-06, ISO11357-4, ISO 11358-3, ISO 11357-3, ISO 11357-2 and ISO 22768 built into the software.

What makes our DMA instruments unique?

RealView® camera for visibly better thermal analysis

The RealView® camera system integrates seamlessly with NEXTA DMA to observe changes in the sample status during analysis in real-time. Images reveal changes in sample shape, size, colour, and other properties. The images can be recorded and are automatically linked to the thermal data by timestamp. You can also integrate RealView® with the Auto Sampler to monitor changes to your samples while automatically analyzing several samples at once.

Optional data input and output software package

Automate the entry of measurement conditions with a barcode reader, mass upload of up to 5000  sample information data points like name, method file, lot number and export all your data including test results into CSV, Excel and text formats to make data management easier and more reliable.

Product Specifications

Deformation Mode*

Tension, Bending, Shear, Film Shear, Compression, 3-Point Bending


Sine Wave Oscillation 0.01 to 200Hz

Measurement Range

105 to 1012Pa(Tension),
105 to 1012Pa(Dual-Cantilever Bending),
103 to 109Pa(Shear),
104 to 1010Pa(Film Shear),
105 to 109Pa(Compression),
106.5 to 1013.5Pa(3-Point Bending)

Program Temp Range

-150 to 600°C

Heating Rate

0.01 to 20°C/min

Output Values

Temperature, Frequency, Time, E’(G’), E”(G”),│ E*│(│G*│), tanδ, η, J’, J”, Ft, dL, Stress, Strain

*Deformation modes "Bending", "Shear", "Film Shear", "Compression" and "3-Point Bending" are optional.

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