FT110A | Powerful benchtop XRF for coatings analysis

High throughput coatings analysis

The FT110A is a benchtop XRF analyzer designed to meet the challenges of in-production coatings analysis. Powerful X-ray fluorescence technology coupled with automated positioning functionality helps to increase productivity of plating shops while ensuring components meet the highest standards.

 Accuracy and reliability are central to XRF analysis that supports quality control, and the FT110A delivers the accuracy that today’s plated components need. An updated imaging system, automated sample positioning and a large sample stage make this analyzer very easy to use, increasing throughput and reducing human error. With the capability of measuring up to four layers at once, plus the substrate, the powerful FT110A will support your facility round the clock in meeting the highest industry plating specifications.

Product Highlights

Designed for high-throughput production, here’s how the FT110A can support your quality control.

  • Powerful, high-sensitivity technology delivers results in seconds
  • Non-destructive testing safe for finished goods
  • Automated features increase productivity
  • Analyze up to four layers and the substrate, plus bath solution
  • Easy to use by non-specialist operators
  • Measurement methods meets ISO 3497, ASTM B568 and DIN 50987
  • Large chamber accommodates a wide range of samples
  • Customizable options to suit your application



Element range

Ti – U


Proportional counter

Chamber design

Slotted or closed

Number of collimators

2 or 4

Smallest collimator

0.025 x 0.4 mm

XY stage design


XY stage travel

250 x 200 mm

Motorized Z-axis travel

150 mm

Largest sample size

500 x 400 x 150 mm

Sample focusing

Focus laser and optional automated focusing

Sample view

Camera view and optional second camera with wide-angle view

Pattern recognition



X-ray Station



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