Guide: Protecting your brand with thermal analysis of your polymers

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Retaining your status as a trusted supplier of polymer components relies on every part meeting the high-performance standards set by your customers. In a highly competitive market, mistakes can be costly and aren't easy to recover from. The best way to protect your brand’s reputation, and your position in the market, is to ensure your products always meet specification – and thermal analysis plays a crucial part in this.

With so many different techniques that come under the ‘thermal analysis’ umbrella,which you use will depend on the characteristics you need to verify. To help demystify thermal analysis of polymers and give advice on best practice, we’ve created a practical guide to Protecting your brand with thermal analysis of your polymers

In this guide, Hitachi’s TA expert Olivier Savard provides insight on how you can best use thermal analysis to help ensure your product always makes the grade your customers expect, and your brand remains one associated with high quality.

With a focus on using thermal analysis for polymer quality assurance, the guide covers in detail:

  • Why it’s so important to analyze polymers during manufacture and materials development
  • The specific advantages of thermal analysis as a technique
  • How to interpret results for some common ASTM method measurements

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