Webinar: The latest in XRF coatings analysis equipment for micro-scale semiconductor packaging

Optimize your XRF analysis for semiconductor device and micro-electronics

The minute scale of semiconductor device and micro-electronics that we see today makes producing reliable electronics coatings a significant challenge.

X-ray fluorescence (XRF) is the established method for verifying the composition and thickness of coatings on electronic devices. However, as devices reduce in size, XRF has to adapt to meet these new challenges. We are undoubtedly pushing XRF beyond traditional limits when we use it to measure electronics coating, which means it’s crucial to get everything right for accurate and precise measurements.

In this webinar, our Product Manager,  Matt Kreiner, looked to answer how you can be sure that you are getting the accuracy and precision you need at a sub-micron level.

What Matt covers:

- Brief introduction to XRF as a technique, both for resolution of features and elemental range

- Applications of XRF in the semiconductor and electronics industry

- What you should do to make XRF analysis easier and more productive

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