Webinar: XRF analysis for IPC surface finish specifications

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Optimize your XRF analysis to meet IPC specifications

Meeting IPC specifications for printed board surface finishes increases yield and in-field reliability of the finished component. The specifications require XRF analysis for checking the thickness of the deposited layers. However, because we are dealing with thin layers of material that can be difficult to detect, the accuracy of the XRF results depend on using the right measurement technique and, to a certain extent, the instrument itself.

In this webinar our Product Manager, Matt Kreiner discusses XRF analysis for meeting IPC surface finish guidelines. He focuses on the four main metallic finishes in use in electronics today:

IPC-4552A ENIG, IPC-4553A Immersion Silver, IPC-4554 Immersion Tin, IPC-4556 ENEPIG

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