Webinar: Introducing the NEXTA DSC

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Meet the new NEXTA DSC range of thermal analyzers

The NEXTA DSC range is the latest addition to Hitachi’s thermal analysis suite of instruments. Designed for high-end quality control and advanced materials development, the NEXTA DSC analyzers are the result of years of development and benefit from brand-new sensors and unique furnace design, leading to unsurpassed levels of sensitivity and baseline repeatability.

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In this webinar, we give a comprehensive introduction to the NEXTA DSC, explain the technology behind the advanced performance and take you through the new features of the two instruments in the range. We also touch on some of the more advanced capability to give you an opportunity to see how the NEXTA DSC range can support the most advanced quality control, new material development and in-depth failure analysis being carried out today.

What we cover in the introductory webinar: