Webinar: How to conform with norms and regulations using material analysis equipment

There are tens of thousands of norms and regulations that operate globally, created to improve the lives of millions of every day. Norms and regulations apply to countless industrial and consumer products, equipment and machines being manufactured. However, how do you know that your processes and products are compliant?

Many materials analyzers can help you comply but reading text that’s almost like legal jargon doesn’t always make it easy to understand how it’s possible.

In this webinar, Hitachi’s expert, Jochen Meurs, will help you understand:

EMEA Americas

27th May at 10am BST | 11am CEST | 12pm EEST

Jochen Meurs, General Manager, OES territory sales

30th June at 11am ET

Jochen Meurs, General Manager, OES territory sales

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About our speaker

Jochen Meurs

Jochen Meurs is general manager, OES territory sales at Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science, having previously worked as the global applications team and knowledge centre manager based in Germany. He has more than 30 years of experience in the field of optical emission spectroscopy mainly focused on arc/spark metal analysis.