Webinar: How thermal analysis can lead to a better future for plastics and the planet

22nd June 2021 at 10am BST, 2pm BST, 6pm BST

The versatility and ease of production of plastic components explains why they are in every aspect of our lives and used in every industry, from automotive, to pharmaceuticals, packaging and everything in between. Over the last couple of years the world has realized that plastic management is not as good as it should be and the omnipresence of plastic waste are causing serious harm to the environment. Governments, industry and consumers are increasingly aware of the need to find better ways to deal with plastics. These include reducing the amounts used, reusing plastic items and finding ways to create new products from recycled plastics, alongside research into other materials that can have the same properties that make traditional plastics so useful.

Plastics manufacturers and suppliers are stuck in the middle of this debate and are facing pressure to find solutions that will please everyone. One solution is to use recycled plastic as a raw material. However, successful plastics re-use relies on stringent quality control and finished goods characterization. Thermal Analysis plays a crucial role in this process, and in this upcoming webinar, we will demonstrate how.

Scheduled for 22nd June, these 30-minute webinars will be presented by our thermal analysis expert, Olivier Savard. During the session, Olivier will cover:

• The characterization of recycled plastics

• Where thermal analysis is used in the recycled plastics lifecycle

• Examples of how thermal analysis is used for specific processes


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22nd June, 10am BST 22nd June, 2pm BST 22nd June, 6pm BST

Olivier Savard, Thermal Analysis Expert

Olivier Savard, Thermal Analysis Expert

Olivier Savard, Thermal Analysis Expert

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