Webinar: Get the information you need out of your polymers with thermal analysis

Thursday 15th September, 10 am BST, 3 pm BST & 10 am EDT

Retaining your status as a trusted supplier of polymer components relies on every part meeting the high-performance standards set by your customers. It’s a highly competitive market and mistakes are not forgiven lightly. Clearly, the best way of protecting your brand’s reputation, and therefore your position in the market, is to ensure your products always meet expectations – and thermal analysis plays a crucial part in this.

Polymers are amazing materials that can be made to match so many different requirements.  This flexibility is great as it means they can be used for a large number of products, but this also means that their required specifications need to be characterized properly to avoid unexpected failure.

However, there are many different techniques that come under the ‘thermal analysis’ umbrella and which you use will depend on the characteristics you need to verify. To help demystify thermal analysis of polymers and give advice on best practice, we’re holding a webinar on Thursday 15th September at 10 am UK time, 3 pm UK time, resp. 10 am EDT time (US East Coast). With a focus on using thermal analysis for polymer analysis, the webinar will cover:

  • Basic information that the main thermal analysis techniques can give you
  • Introduction to sample preparation for polymer analysis
  • Polymer-specific applications, such as establishing melting points, crystallinity, effect of molecular weight, heat resistance, UV curing and anisotropy study.

The webinar is being presented by our thermal analysis specialist, Olivier Savard. We expect the webinar to last around 20 minutes and there will be plenty of opportunity to answer your questions in a Q & A session at the end. If you have any questions now, please submit your question when you fill in the registration form below. You will be able to submit questions during the webinar too.

To secure your place, please click on the registration links.