Webinar: How to simplify your DSC analysis with a dual cooling system

A DSC is an essential instrument for your polymer analysis. Most analysis can be done with an electronic cooling system, but might sporadically need liquid Nitrogen to get to low temperature (e.g. -140C). Do you need to buy two instruments to do the work, or do you need to spends hours to change cooling devices and calibrating your instruments? With its unique dual cooling system, Hitachi DSC7000X allows you to do your day to day analysis with an electrical cooling (-80 to 500C) and is always ready to give you the extra temperature range you need with its automated liquid Nitrogen cooling device (-150 to 500C). This way, you can do everything you need with one instrument, you save time, you don’t waste any liquid Nitrogen, and you are always ready when you need it. This webinar will go through low temperature polymer analysis by DSC and show you the advantage of having two cooling systems on a single instrument.

The webinar is presented by our thermal analysis specialist, Olivier Savard. If you have any further questions, please get in touch.

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