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Surge in smart home appliances increasing demand for plated components

Hitachi High-Tech have a range of XRF analysers suitable for a general…

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The secret to perfect OES carbon analysis? Perfect sample prep

Our OES analysers more efficient, cost effective and smarter too. Optics…

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Application Note: X-MET8000 Series for rapid analysis of welds and welding materials

With its bevelled snout that can reach into tight corners, its small-spot…

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5 reasons to choose LAB-X5000 for release liner quality control

The LAB-X5000 brings accuracy, fast throughput and low cost testing to…

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Don’t let drift impact your OES element analysis

At Hitachi High Tech, we have over 45 years of experience in the metals…

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Case Study: PMI-MASTER Smart, Professional Testing Services

Case Study: Whatever the environment, PTS relies on their PMI-MASTER Smart…

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Don’t leave it too late to take action on IMO 2020 regulation

We’ve rounded up our top blog posts on this topic for you to help you evaluate…

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Infographic - Total Compliance with Total Confidence

Application Note: FT110A, Analysis of Zinc Coatings

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science’s family of bench-top EDXRF analysers…

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PMI and managing ageing plants

PMI is the optimum inspection solution for plant operators looking to proactively…

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