Celebrating Manufacturing Day

October 2, 2020 marks Manufacturing Day – a celebration of advancement of modern manufacturing. Whilst we aren’t able to open our doors to showcase some of the great work we do ourselves and in collaboration with our customers, here’s how you can get a sneak preview of behind our scenes:

1. Our OES analyzers developed, designed and made in Germany

Our analyzers are developed, designed and manufactured at our specialist production site in Uedem, Germany (70 Km north of Düsseldorf). We believe that keeping control of manufacturing at our own site, and using our own experts, is crucial for maintaining the high quality of our instruments.

Watch our video on just how:


2. Live demos of our instruments

When we can’t get to you, today’s technology  means we can bring the instruments live to you to show how they can help you with your materials analysis challenges – our product range includes spark OES, Handheld LIBS, Handheld XRF, Benchtop XRF including Coatings analyzers and Thermal Analysis.

Watch one of our pre-recorded live demos or book a 1:1 so we can talk to you about your specific challenges.


3. Our customers

We work with many fantastic customers in manufacturing and we love nothing more than sharing their story of how they’re using materials analyzers to streamline costs, minimize risk and increase production efficiency.

Here’s few of our customers showcasing what they do:

SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH, India – long steel products


Sibelco, UK – cement and minerals


Want to find out what we can do to help you? Contact our experts today.

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Date: 29 September 2020

Author: Laura Phimister - Global Marketing Communications Manager

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